Be Involved

Maximize your membership and navigate the leadership path.

Be Involved

To get the most out of your membership, you should try to participate in three or more events per year, which may come from any of the following categories:

  • Local events occur frequently and help you grow your professional network. For upcoming ULI Indiana events click here. Also, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Did you know what when you are a member of ULI, you’re a member of a global organization? You can attend ULI events anywhere that you work or travel. Here are three different ways to learn about other District Council events.
    • Google “ULI” plus the city in which you are interested, then browse to their Events page.
    • Contact ULI Customer Service (1-800-321-5011) and ask to be made a “Visiting Member” of that city to get on their email list.
    • From your member portal ( go to the Events menu and search by city or state.
  • People rave about ULI’s complimentary, members-only webinars. Click here for a list of upcoming ULI Americas events, including live webinars.
  • ULI Indiana has a goal to get more members participating in ULI at the national level, to see the full depth and breadth of what ULI has to offer, and to help promote Indiana on a national stage. Mark your calendars for the next Fall Meeting (open to all) and Spring Meeting (Full Members Only).

How else can I get involved?

  • Browse the ULI Leadership Navigator, a tool to identify and communicate your interests in ULI locally, nationally, or globally.
  • Update your member profile to help ULI provide you with the most relevant services and networking. Login to and click My Profile. (Note that this is also where you can search our directory of over 40,000 members!)
  • ULI Indiana has prepared this document explaining the path from member engagement to leadership opportunities in ULI Indiana.