The Central Indiana Council of Elected Officials is a Collaborative Council to Create a Thriving Regional Community.


The Central Indiana Council of Elected Officials (CICEO) is a Collaborative Council to Create a Thriving Regional Community.

ULI Indiana helped to spearhead the creation of the CICEO based on a similar organization in Minneapolis which is supported by ULI Minnesota. Our role with the CICEO is consistent with the role we play with our members – convening, educating, and sharing of best practices.

The CICEO’s initiatives focus on those which will enhance economic development throughout the entire region, like transit and a regional water policy. We believe this work is important in fulfilling ULI’s mission “To provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.”

Why a regional council?

  • Provides for peer to peer discussion on common issues and multi-jurisdictional challenges.
  • Creates opportunities to enhance relationships and build trust.
  • Allows for building concensus on key issues and establishes a unified voice for greater impact.
  • Provides for a proactive approach to addressing complex problems facing the Central Indiana region.

Facts about the CICEO

  • Made up of the top elected officials (Mayors and Town Council Presidents) in communities above 10,000 population in Marion County and the surrounding Counties. Participation is voluntary.
  • Meets bi-monthly, with logistics and coordination provided by ULI Indiana.
  • Funded by regional stakeholders and a ULI Urban Innovation Grant.

Role of ULI Indiana

  • Provides administration, planning and oversight.
  • Fosters a nonpartisan, nonpolitical, solutions-oriented approach.
  • Offers research, resources, local and national expertise, and best practices specific to the challenges facing Central Indiana.