ULI Indiana – Urban Plan: New Volunteer Training


Thursday, August 20th, 2020
8:30am - 3:30pm EDT


Pricing Members Non-Members
Private FREE N/A
Public/Academic/Nonprofit FREE N/A
Retired FREE N/A
Student FREE N/A
Under Age 35 FREE N/A
Help Desk: (800) 321-5011 | CustomerService@uli.org
UrbanPlan is a fun, interactive role-playing game about the development process, where participants work in teams to create a redevelopment plan for a fictitious neighborhood using Legos (or a digital equivalent) and an Excel financial model, and must meet the goals of the city and investors. The program can be used:
  • to educate public officials and neighborhood leaders on the dynamics of real estate development, including the trade-offs between various community interests and how small decisions can impact ROI
  • to supplement university classes and develop more well-grounded graduates
  • to introduce high school students to the land use and real estate professions, especially in minority neighborhoods
ULI Indiana has plans to explore each of these in the coming months and years, but we need more volunteers! The role of volunteers is to step into the UrbanPlan workshop or class at certain milestones and provide feedback for the participants on their development proposals, or to act as a City Council to hear and judge proposals at the end of the program.  
Volunteers must take ULI's required training class, where you will participate in the UrbanPlan process plus get valuable facilitation skills.
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