ULI is a prestigious nonprofit, nonpartisan research and education organization offering unparalleled conferences, events, and publications—discounted for ULI members.

If you are involved in real estate development and placemaking, enjoy the best your profession has to offer. Join ULI today.


When you join ULI, you become part of an international network of like-minded individuals and organizations.

ULI is different than other professional organizations in two significant ways:

1)      ULI is multidisciplinary.  Our members represent a broad spectrum of the land use and real estate disciplines, from developers and designers, to public officials, to the attorneys and bankers who serve our industry.  When you go to a ULI event, you will meet new people with unique insights.

2)      ULI is non-political.  We do not engage in lobbying, but instead focus our efforts on educating the public and private sectors alike on the best practices in the industry.

Together, these factors facilitate an open exchange of ideas between private industry and public interest.

What are my membership options?


  • 50% off for Under 35 or Public/Academic/Nonprofit—$220/yr.
  • 75% off for Student—$110/yr.


  • 50% off for Under 35—$610/yr.
  • 75% off for Public/Academic/Nonprofit—$305/yr.
  • N/A for Students


  • Join any time; renewals occur in 12 months.
  • Full Members may attend Spring Meeting ‘19 in Nashville.
  • Full membership requires 3 references (ULI IN can help).
  • To upgrade to Full now and attend Spring Meeting, contact ULI Customer Service (see below) for your pro-rated dues.

How do I join/upgrade?

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