Membership FAQs

Have a question about Membership? Some of the common questions and misperceptions about membership are listed below.

Membership FAQs

Why should I become a member?

  • Many of our opportunities to get more involved are restricted to members only. This includes participating on a committee, a TAP panel, the Mentorship Program, or the Advisory Board.
  • Membership makes our local District Council stronger. The District Council receives a share of your membership dues. We get certain benefits as we increase in numbers. And the more we have to work with, the more we can offer back to you at the local level.
  • Members are also more likely to participate in ULI at the national level. In today’s global economy, many of our members appreciate the link that ULI membership provides to industry insiders in the region, nation, and world.

I think my company is a member.

With only a couple of exceptions, people join ULI as individuals and not as companies.

One exception is ULI Sustaining Member Companies. These are companies that purchase group memberships in a block of $10,000 or more. They then assign the memberships to employees within their organizations. To see the current list of Sustaining Member Companies click here.

Another exception is a Public Agency Membership. The Public Agency Membership is a terrific value, as it offers three memberships for one low price of $525 per year. Government agencies, universities, and nonprofit organizations are eligible. To find out more about Public Agency Membership, call ULI Indiana at (317)441-9561 or email

I think I am already a member.

If you are on our email list, you may think you are already a member, but you might not be receiving member benefits. Only members receive Urban Land Magazine and access to on-line resources like research, the Career Center, and the online Membership Directory, as well as access to discounted and special events.

To find out if you are a member, trying logging in to, or contact our Customer Service Department:

Phone: 1-800-321-5011

Isn’t membership really expensive?

Many people are surprised to learn that membership in ULI is less expensive than they thought.

Click here to see our current Membership Categories and Rates.