Sponsor companies see the benefits that ULI Indiana provides and help us to provide more.



We couldn’t do it without you.

Sponsorship is vital to keep ULI Indiana engaged and engaging.  Most people don’t realize that the District Council only gets a small portion of your ULI membership dues (50% for new members, and 20% for on-going members) – less than $30,000 in FY18. (Want to know how to engage more in ULI nationally? Click here.)

We also try to keep event prices low so more people can attend – in FY17 our revenue from registrations was less than $25,000.

Therefore, Sponsorship dollars are truly needed to underwrite the costs of events and overhead.

Why become a sponsor?

As a ULI Indiana sponsor, you get exposure to the best and brightest in the industry. Our membership now exceeds 300 for the first time in our history. Perhaps more importantly, they are the people you want to know.


Most of our communications reach 1000+ local industry professionals. We also have increased our resources to give you more exposure on social media.

Many of our sponsors are also our most active members.  All sponsorships include complimentary event tickets, and some include memberships.  Consequently, our sponsors have the most access to what ULI events provide – the highest value education and networking opportunities in the industry.

Sponsorship Options:

You can begin with a one-year commitment as a Breakfast Series or Sustaining Sponsor.

Sustaining Sponsors who make a three-year commitment are offered additional advantages:

  • Save 10% per year on dollar cost of sponsorship.
  • Sponsorships include one or more ULI memberships.

If you like what ULI provides, consider becoming a Sponsor.

Sponsorship Contact

Samantha Hargitt
Wooden McLaughlin