Sponsors in ULI Indiana are investing in a vision and mission and meeting a vital financial need.


About the Need

As of FY18, Sponsorship accounted for approximately 75% of the ULI Indiana budget, and our need is growing.

Many people are not aware that when they pay membership dues to ULI, only 20% comes back to their local District Council (with a bonus for new members). For a typical Associate member, that’s just $88 per year; or $44 for a Young Leader or Public sector member.

ULI globally is investing in improving technologies and increasing human resources to better serve the members, but the District Councils are being asked to contribute to that investment.

As a result, ULI Indiana has a need to raise an additional $100,000 in Sponsorship over the next four years.

Why Invest in ULI?

ULI is a not-for-profit professional association, so we are driven by mission, not profit.

At ULI Indiana, we have a Vision of Indiana’s metropolitan areas as a “Great Place to Live, Great Place to Invest.” We put a lot of emphasis on promoting our markets, and it’s working! Some examples:

  • In Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2019, produced by ULI and PwC, Indianapolis was ranked #19 of 78 “Markets to Watch.”
  • Three articles with an Indiana focus were published in UrbanLand magazine in 2018.

Our local Mission is to “Connect, develop and influence leaders in real estate and land use.” How is this delivered? Some examples:

What Can You Do?

  • Consider becoming a sponsor or upgrading your sponsorship level.
  • Think of your sponsorship of ULI the way you think about other philanthropic giving.
    • How much are you comfortable giving?
    • What aspects of ULI would you be willing to support? (such as YLG, WLI, TAPs, UrbanPlan, etc.)
  • Promote Membership in ULI to your employees and partners.
  • Promote Event attendance.
  • Get more involved in ULI at the Board or Committee level, and encourage your employees to do the same.
  • Identify other companies who might be willing to sponsor ULI Indiana, and promote Sponsorship on our behalf.

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