April Breakfast Series - Planning for the big shifts ahead: Demographic insights with John Burns Real Estate Consulting


2023-04-27T08:00:00 - 2023-04-27T10:00:00

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    Guggman Haus Brewing Co. Will open in a new window 1701 Gent Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46202 United States
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    Demographic and socio-economic changes have a profound effect on how people live, work, and play. These trends determine the direction of our communities, yet the data can be overwhelming, misleading, confusing, and difficult to predict—until now.

    Don’t miss ULI Indiana’s April Breakfast Series featuring Chris Porter of John Burns Real Estate Consulting—a national leader serving home building and real estate developers—and co-author of best-selling book, Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity for Businesses. Through compelling and easy-to-understand research and insights, Chris will share actionable takeaways that will help you make fact-based real estate and land use decisions and position you for the future.

    During this program you will:

    · Understand the four big influencers that explain why people born in different decades behave so differently

    · Learn about the seven biggest opportunities affecting the future of our society and economy and how to shift strategies when changes occur

    · Understand how to apply the concepts to business in general, as well as to land use planning and real estate investment decisions

    Chris Porter
    Senior Vice President, Chief Demographer
    John Burns Real Estate Consulting

    At John Burns Real Estate Consulting—a national firm that provides independent research and consulting services related to housing—Chris Porter helps his clients understand the role demographics play in shaping the demand for housing in the short and long term. Chris co-authored Big Shifts Ahead: Demographic Clarity for Businesses, a book that makes demographic trends easier to understand, quantify, and anticipate. The research he leads informs many of the firm’s forecasts.

    Before joining John Burns Real Estate Consulting in 2005, Chris worked for Reed Business Information’s HousingZone.com web site and was also Director of Electronic Media for Reed’s Building and Construction Group. Based out of his firm’s Irvine, Calif. office, Chris has a B.A. in Economics from Princeton University and a M.S. from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. An experienced public speaker, he was involved with Toastmasters International for years, working to enhance his public speaking skills and helping others do the same.

    Guggman Haus Brewing Co. 1701 Gent Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46202 United States

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